Operate and Optimise

Sedgman is a proven provider of mineral processing and associated infrastructure solutions to the global resources industry, specialising in the design, construction and operation of mineral processing and crushing plants across a growing number of commodities including coal, metals, and iron ore. Our operations are cost-effectively achieving industry best operating hours annually and we have a record of exceeding budgeted throughput rates, metallurgical recoveries, and product volumes. When operating plants that we have designed and built, our integrated capability drives even greater optimisation. When operating plants designed by others, we draw on our in-house engineering bench strength, and knowledge database across multiple sites, to achieve maximum performance.

Sedgman Operations and Optimisation

With over 20 years of experience in delivering processing, materials handling and tailings management services, Sedgman Operations achieves industry-leading performance in metrics such as safety performance, run hours (availability and utilisation), recovery and grades, metallurgical efficiency, and unit operating costs. This is driven by effective optimisation strategies, reliability engineering, and preventative and condition-based maintenance practices. Streamlined processes, lean teams and our 360º feedback loop into design and project delivery also enable us to deliver operational improvements. For our clients our approach results in high-level responsiveness, sustainable efficiency, performance reliability, and reduced unit costs.

Sedgman has a proven track record of helping clients in modification of their existing assets for efficiency optimisation, debottlenecking, implementing new technologies, refurbishment, and sustaining capital works. The experience and expertise we have gained through execution of a spectrum of mineral processing projects help us evaluate design specifications and margins and determine the best way to accommodate new and desired operating conditions.

Our flexible services include mineral processing facility operations, maintenance, auditing, debottlenecking and upgrades, alongside operational readiness, and transition support.

Sedgman has been performing contract operations since 1997 and focuses on three key areas to deliver exceptional mineral processing operations results:

  • Focus on innovation and optimisation of operational performance
  • Effective operational and maintenance systems which are under-pinned by technology
  • Effective remote monitoring providing expert support to complement our site-based teams' capabilities.
Operational Readiness Flowchart

Why we lead the operations approach in minerals processing

Sedgman’s long-term, sustained success as a process plant operator results from maximising value. The key differentiators in our approach, which will support the optimisation of operations at our client’s mine site, are:

  • Maximising mineral processing facility run time through availability and utilisation optimisation
  • Optimal infrastructure maintenance strategies to support the mine site infrastructure
  • Streamlined maintenance process to improve work efficiency and effectiveness
  • Operations technical support capability ensuring practical response to site needs
  • Effective management of maintenance sub-contractor personnel
  • ‘Design-out’ maintenance approach to continuous maintenance improvement
  • Optimal resource recovery focused on plant and circuit separation efficiencies
  • Experienced operations technical personnel to manage process performance
  • Adopting innovative technologies and concepts that complement facility requirements
  • Adopting a lean on-site resourcing approach:
  • Trade-skilled operator-maintainers for processing facility operation
  • Minimal on-site management personnel with off-site support on as-needs basis
  • Adopting operations and management systems which are “fit-for-purpose”
  • Continuous benchmarking performance against industry plant operations
  • Operating costs (cost per run-of mine (ROM) or product tonne)
  • Key facility metrics (throughput rates, annual run hours, recoveries, and grades
  • Labour productivity metrics (tonnes per man per year)            
  • A strong emphasis on health, safety, environmental and training (HSET) built into Sedgman management systems
  • Productivity and safety outcomes driven by management strategies  
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