Facility Inspection

  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical defects that may affect start-up
  • Recertification of classified Plant
  • Identification of unsafe and/or non-compliant areas
  • Preparing a cost estimate to bring the facility up to standard for operations
  • The development of a comprehensive prestart maintenance plan

Maintenance Activities

  • Physical inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) of all critical equipment
  • Repair of any defects impacting safety and/or initial production
  • Undertake electrical works – statutory obligations
  • Recertification of classified plant

Operational Readiness

  • Safety plans and systems required for operations
  • Mill and concentrator operations plans and procedures
  • Mill and concentrator maintenance plans and procedures, including: Maintenance shutdown strategy for the facility, Preventative maintenance schedule/strategy for concentrator equipment, and Condition monitoring and lubrication routines and schedules
  • Strategic and critical spares analysis to review stock holding
  • Sampling and analysis regimes
  • Radiation source management procedures
  • Logistics and procurement chains for key operational requirements
  • Training documents and materials for operational staff.

Mobilisation Tasks

  • Conducting and documenting risk assessments that demonstrate operations will be performed such that risks are reduced to an acceptable level, and activities are compliant with industry standards
  • Implementing safety plans and systems required for operations
  • Recruitment of labour necessary for operations
  • Planning, procuring, and organising all plant, tools, materials, equipment, IT equipment, facilities and personnel required to undertake the services
  • Stocking of process consumables
  • Loading, transport and unloading of all plant, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, and personnel to site
  • Hire of any plant, tools, facilities, or materials necessary to commence operations

Operations Transition

  • Concentrator/Plant Manager/Superintendent
  • Metallurgist/Process Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Electrical and Controls Engineer
  • Training Officer
  • Operations Front Line Personnel – Operator/Maintainers
  • Continuous operation of all areas of minerals processing including comminution and concentrator circuits
  • Standard operational tasks, maintenance, and preventative maintenance
  • Developing process solutions to increase production and decrease downtime
  • Providing on-the-job practical training and assessment for our client’s teams
  • Commissioning assistance and planning
  • Metallurgists and Process Engineers
  • Health, safety, environment, community, and training (HSEC&T) professionals
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers
  • Electrical and Controls Engineers
  • Condition Monitoring professionals