CIMIC Group's Sedgman launches cloud-based mine monitoring

October 25, 2022
  • Innovation
  • Operations and Maintenance

CIMIC Group’s mineral processing company Sedgman announced today the launch of its innovative business intelligence platform SEDGMETRIX.

SEDGMETRIX is an internet of things (IoT) ecosystem of tools that can be used to remotely monitor the status and optimise the performance of any operation or asset including renewable energy, mining, mineral processing, oil and gas or supply chain.

SEDGMETRIX is a data source and commodity agnostic platform that adds value to any operation by helping teams to access and action real-time data to maintain efficient and reliable asset operation. Further, visibility and foresight on key sustainability metrics and tracking of asset performance against environmental and emissions-related targets is critical for early responsiveness to on-site conditions.

With 24-hour automated monitoring and rapid detection of abnormal asset performance, SEDGMETRIX supports high performing remote sites and connects clients to their operation, providing peace of mind and saving time on manual performance checks.

A team of more than 50 remote operational engineering personnel utilise the platform to provide expert assistance without needing to travel to site. This enables Sedgman to efficiently support existing operations in Australia with the potential to offer support to operations across the globe.

CIMIC Group Executive Chairman Juan Santamaria said: “SEDGMETRIX continues CIMIC Group’s in-house development of innovative software solutions.

“Digital integration and visually dynamic platforms equip our teams to improve safety, delivery, asset availability, and lifecycle performance in multiple sectors including roads, rail, resources and renewables.”

Managing Director of Sedgman, Grant Fraser, said: “SEDGMETRIX provides owners, operators, and contractors with transparency on the current state of their asset, and asset-critical data to ensure informed decisions can be made in a timely manner.  

“Effective integration of the SEDGMETRIX platform into asset operations supports both operational and sustainability improvements.”

Sedgman has a proud history of innovation and mineral processing. Since 1980, Sedgman has advanced the standard of excellence and innovation for clients across base and precious metals, industrial minerals and iron ore.

To find out more visit SEDGMETRIX.

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