New Century zinc project

Sedgman has formed a close relationship with New Century Resources to provide engineering, contruction and operations services for the re-start of Century Mine at Lawn Hill and Karumba Port.


In 2017 Sedgman was engaged by New Century Resources to complete a feasibility study on the restart of the Century Zinc mine, concentrate pipeline and Karumba port. Sedgman was subsequently awarded an EPC Contract for engineering, procurement, construction works for the refurbishment and reconfiguration of the Lawn Hill Plant and Karumba Port.   This project involved inspecting, refurbishing and commissioning existing equipment as well as contruction of new facilities to improve plant operation. Also included is the engineering required to increase plant capacity from 8 million tonnes  per annum to 14 million tonnes per annum.

Due to demonstrated value and stong performance Sedgman was also awarded five years’ Operations and Maintenance contract showcasing full project cycle delivery capability.