Flexible mine solutions

Change is the new normal, but for a high-volume mine built around a fixed mill and processing plant, adjusting to changes in climate, ore grade, local community concerns, legislation, commodity prices and other disruptions is a challenge. A static NPV valuation for a single scenario does not account for future uncertainties and valuation assumptions which are difficult to predict over the mine life. The mine of the future may also be valued on the ability to adapt to change.

The flexibility of modular

A flexible mining solution with modular construction can support mines in remote locations where skilled local workforce availability for construction and operation are a challenge. Relocatable processing and mining infrastructure and fleets can allow extraction from satellite deposits that cannot economically support a fixed solution with stranded assets.

By considering the value chain as a system subject to inevitable disruption, there is significant value in flexibility, for example through starting an operation at small scale, enabling early cash flow, and ramping it up or down as required. The modular and flexible model is particularly suitable for small higher-grade deposits with a greater degree of variability.

Read this white paper on OZ Mineral’s Scalable and Adaptable Mining Challenge Sedgman participated in, for insights into the value of flexibility in mine designs.

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