We work with clients to determine the optimal delivery model for their needs through our flexible contracting options. A key vehicle for success is our engineer, procure, construct (EPC) offer. This is available under a range of commercial structures that tailor cost, time and performance commitments with a balanced risk profile. Clients can best leverage the benefits of our specialist capability alongside streamlined processes, more effective collaboration and greater value. We support a broad range of models such as fixed lump sum, cost reimbursable, target cost estimate with a pain and gain share contracts and more. The specifics of each project – size, location, conditions – drive the selection of the model that offers the right mix of risk and reward and, ultimately, the right value.

Our performance and bankability provide commercial certainty for our clients. We’re known for the highest standard of asset design, delivery and operations, and for industry-leading safety, time, cost, risk and quality results. This includes a demonstrated track record of faster production ramp-ups than the industry standard to support early, positive cash flow. The assurance this gives our clients is strengthened by our collaborative development of pricing and our ability to support a higher commercial risk profile due to the rigour and depth of our engineering. For many projects, this includes fixed price and fixed schedule certainty and renowned performance commitments. That’s how much we stand by our work. Together with our robust balance sheet and financial depth, we offer a commercial reputation that is respected as world-class across the international resource investment community.

We approach each project as a dedicated constructor but with the added strength of our end-to-end team of specialists and our integrated capability from design to operations. This empowers smart construction strategies such as:

  • Enabling expert planning and schedule optimisation due to deeper connection with design opportunities, constraints and priorities, including intensive equipment knowledge 
  • Using our proprietary project database to improve the precision of program logic and leverage established first principles, for a better and more assured price, greater certainty and faster delivery 
  • Staging of early works and early scheduling of critical path activities, including within phased study and front-end engineering design (FEED) programs, to facilitate rapid mobilisation 
  • Aligning early design strategies with construction expertise, particularly around critical path and long-lead activities, to reduce rework and improve constructability 
  • Prioritising early integration for increased pricing confidence that reduces contingencies and improves efficiencies creates savings beyond pure design thinking 
  • Leveraging strong equipment vendor relationships, including early involvement, to optimise lead times, durations, sequencing, and integration with fabrication and equipment delivery 
  • Managing a repeatable suite of construction methods to fast-track planning and delivery while improving quality and performance 
  • Skilled and experienced in house construction team with strong track record in execution of remote resource projects 
  • Strong relationships with specialist contractors, in the regions we work, to integrate into our construction teams and provide our clients complete construction solutions.

Sedgman uses industry-leading systems to manage our project delivery, including smart construction using a range of platforms such as Navis Works, Bentley Synchro perform and 4D, Primavera P6, JDE Edwards and Intergraph Smart Completions. These are supported by:

Internationally recognised project management systems for collaboration, cost and document control, tailored reporting, and, scheduling, and event and action management

  • Specialist engineering systems for design 
  • Real-time, field-based construction management solutions measuring progress and field productivities 
  • Our end-to-end service offering further means we provide assured integration of systems throughout the project lifecycle. 

We have extensive experience delivering projects across many regions, including cold weather and extremely remote locations including:

Construction workforces and solutions

Our flexible, best for project and location approach results in Sedgman deploying a range of solutions to successfully execute the construction phase of the project in the construction workforce space. While we do employ a direct hire construction workforce in some regions where we operate, we also regularly partner with local construction partners to ensure the best value for any one project is delivered.

Self-perform work

We are also able to offer a self-perform workforce. Our first self-perform construction workforce was deployed in mid-2021 on the Byerwen mine in Central Queensland.

As part of the self-perform work, we are able to successfully deliver structural mechanical, and piping (SMP) works on innovative modular designed dry tailings plant. We are also able to provide high quality staff and construction workforce to deliver on your project including:

Construction managers and superintendents

  • Senior supervisors and supervisors
  • Site engineers, project engineers and senior project engineers
  • Health, safety, environment and quality functional support
  • Tradespersons – fitters, boilermakers, welders, painters, sheet metal works and carpenters
  • Crane drivers, riggers and scaffolders
  • Materials handling personnel and trades assistants
  • Small plant operators
  • Apprentices.

Additionally, we have recently invested heavily in battery powered tooling, containers, plant and workshop facilities to maximise labour productivity. Together, our self-perform SMP teams and civil and electrical subcontract partners provides our clients the full mining construction solution. 


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