Mine to Mill Solutions

Most metals operations experience a decrease in metal grade over time, which increases costs on a metal production basis. Mine to mill techniques and methodologies have been utilised for numerous years to increase circuit throughput or efficiency to increase an operations value and net present value.

At Sedgman we assist in mine to mill, mine planning and blast optimisation through:

  • Performing an integrated mine process assessment (determining blast fragmentation/ore loss and dilution opportunities or ore amenability to upgrade via pre-screening/bulk sorting)
  • Design or optimisation of an integrated mine plan (design)
  • Optimisation of the processing plant to meet the new mine and blast design
  • Managing and embedding projects into operations to ensure that the maximum benefit and efficiency is achieved through the life of mine (LOM)
  • Accessing the latest blasting, processing techniques and tools which are utilised as part of the assessment, implementation, operation and continuous embedment of results on site.

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