As part of the CIMIC Group, Sedgman operates under a comprehensive series of policies, procedures and guidelines relating to corporate governance, ethics, financial and risk management.

Code of Conduct

Our code of conduct sets the standards of behaviour we expect from all our employees, sub-contractors and partners.

The Group's policies are reviewed and updated as appropriate.

Ethics line

We encourage our employees, sub-contractors and partners to voice their concerns should they come across potentially unethical practices. People who speak up in good faith will be supported by CIMIC Group for doing the right thing.

In some circumstances people will prefer to speak to someone other than their manager about their ethical questions or concerns. The CIMIC Ethics Line provides another way for our employees, sub-contractors and partners to raise issues and have them investigated and remain anonymous should they wish to.

Our employees, sub-contractors and partners are encouraged to contact the Ethics Line if they are concerned that something doesn’t add up.

You can also contact the Ethics Line via the online disclosure form, post or fax.

Privacy policy

We take your privacy very seriously. Read more about our privacy policy.

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