Remote Support - SEDGMETRIX Platform

Sedgman’s SEDGMETRIX Platform and team of more than 50 remote operational engineering personnel ensure advanced remote monitoring to support the operation.

The SEDGMETRIX Platform is an internet of things (IoT) ecosystem of tools that can be used to monitor the status and optimise the performance of any operation or asset be it in renewable energy, mining, mineral processing, oil and gas or supply chain:

  • It aims to provide clarity and insight into asset-critical data to ensure informed decisions can be made in a timely manner.
  • This is all done over the internet and can be viewed from any web-enabled device.
  • The Platform can be backed up with a technical service agreement giving the user access to remote subject matter experts (Controls, Process & Reliability Engineers and Data Scientists) to assist with detailed analysis and predictive model development.

The objective of the SEDGMETRIX Platform is to connect people to their operation to give a higher level of transparency using the following products:

  • Asset Health Monitoring: Continuous cloud monitoring and alerting application. Advanced cloud analytics platform ingests asset trend data for live process abnormality detection, condition monitoring and predictive maintenance modelling. Notifications on critical issues sent to responsible site personnel.
  • Live Dashboards: Asset status dashboards for real-time feedback in the palm of your hand.
  • Performance Reporting: Reports on production, reliability, process, condition monitoring and other key performance indicator data.
  • Historian: Web-historian for data storage and trending/interrogation.
  • Digital Twin: Operational and supply-chain digital models for scenario and live optimisation simulations.
  • Technical Support Services: Extension of asset health monitoring, equipment failure root cause analysis (RCA) and process modelling undertaken by Sedgman technical experts and updated models applied to asset as they become available (continuous system improvement)
  • Expert On-Call: Site personnel can communicate in the field with remote Sedgman technical experts by wearing intelligent audio/video wearables to troubleshoot plant issues.
Sedgmetrix device being used to give on-site technical support from Brisbane office.

Using intelligent wearables to enable remote technical experts to communicate with personnel in the field

Our SEDGMETRIX Platform can be coupled with selected SEDMETRIX Advanced On-premise solutions installed into your facility to give a higher level of measurement and feedback on plant equipment and processes. These include:

  • Advanced IoT Sensor packages to monitor both the process and condition of key components (cyclones, pumps, mills, and other rotating equipment) and can be integrated with site supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.
  • Data Gateway – Site-to-Cloud data transfer device.
  • A Wi-Fi network can be installed throughout the plant to support in-the-field video communications and smart devices for “paperless” inspections and is a requirement for expert on-call. This enables site support without physical presence through advanced wearable technology.

Sedgman's operations support team of discipline engineers can be drawn upon to support your operation, providing significant additional support depth. We can establish remote connections between the plant and our Perth, Brisbane and Vancouver offices, to extend the support capability over multiple time zones.

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