Operational Restart Services

The ability to address start-up risks to mineral processing facility in care and maintenance and move smoothly into production can be achieved through the adoption of operations readiness and restart activities as a key function and through a transition team engagement into the initial phase of a facilities operation.

Sedgman can offer operations readiness and restart services to operations and provide a transition team to commence operations, with a structured handover to your workforce after a defined term.

Our team has experience in successfully delivering this service having operated and transitioned a number of Coal operations, Crushing and Screening operations, as well as a Zinc Concentrator facility back to the respective clients. . We have also been involved in a number of restart studies including:

  • A Copper concentrator in Tasmania, Australia
  • A Coal Handling and Preparation Plant in Central Queensland, Australia
  • A Gold Concentrator in British Columbia, Canada
  • A Ngangaju Lithium Concentrator in Western Australia

The key objectives of the operations readiness and restart program include:

  • Inspect the facility to identify pre-start maintenance activities, and estimate costs
  • Establish a master start up program
  • Facilitate, co-ordinate and undertake the above restart activities
  • Review and ensure that all the appropriate systems, procedures, and information requirements are in place and can be effectively used by site teams
  • Undertake mobilisation tasks
  • Provide a core of experienced Sedgman personnel to assist the client with production, training, and transition activities.

Facility Inspection

As part of the phased approach to transitioning from care and maintenance to operations, the first step is to conduct a condition-based facility inspection on process plant and equipment (non-operational). This will focus on the following:

  • Structural, mechanical, and electrical defects that may affect start-up
  • Recertification of classified Plant
  • Identification of unsafe and/or non-compliant areas
  • Preparing a cost estimate to bring the facility up to standard for operations
  • The development of a comprehensive prestart maintenance plan.

Maintenance Activities

After the initial inspection and cost estimate exercise, we can conduct all refurbishment activities including:

  • Physical inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT) of all critical equipment
  • Repair of any defects impacting safety and/or initial production
  • Undertake electrical works – statutory obligations
  • Recertification of classified plant

Operational Readiness

We can support your plant’s operational readiness by reviewing and developing the following:

  • Safety plans and systems required for operations
  • Mill and concentrator operations plans and procedures
  • Mill and concentrator maintenance plans and procedures, including:
    • Maintenance shutdown strategy for the facility
    • Preventative maintenance schedule/strategy for concentrator equipment.
    • Condition monitoring and lubrication routines and schedules
  • Strategic and critical spares analysis to review stock holding
  • Sampling and analysis regimes
  • Radiation source management procedures
  • Logistics and procurement chains for key operational requirements
  • Training documents and materials for operational staff.

Mobilisation Tasks

We can assist your facility with the following mobilisation activities:

  • Conducting and documenting risk assessments that demonstrate operations will be performed such that risks are reduced to an acceptable level, and activities are compliant with industry standards
  • Implementing safety plans and systems required for operations
  • Recruitment of labour necessary for operations
  • Planning, procuring, and organising all plant, tools, materials, equipment, IT equipment, facilities and personnel required to undertake the services
  • Stocking of process consumables
  • Loading, transport and unloading of all plant, tools, materials, equipment, facilities, and personnel to site
  • Hire of any plant, tools, facilities, or materials necessary to commence operations.

Operations Transition

A key aspect of any transition from a restart project into operations is to have skilled personnel on site, preferably during or just prior to the commissioning stage so that they may gain practical experience before the operational ramp-up.

We can support your operations with the short-term provision of operations personnel to assist with commissioning start-up activities including:

  • Concentrator/Plant Manager/Superintendent
  • Metallurgist/Process Engineer
  • Maintenance Engineer
  • Electrical and Controls Engineer
  • Training Officer
  • Operations Front Line Personnel – Operator/Maintainers

All transition team members are highly experienced with key knowledge in the day-to-day running of processing plants, including proficiency in:

  • Continuous operation of all areas of minerals processing including comminution and concentrator circuits
  • Standard operational tasks, maintenance, and preventative maintenance
  • Developing process solutions to increase production and decrease downtime
  • Providing on-the-job practical training and assessment for our client’s teams
  • Commissioning assistance and planning.

Sedgman possesses a large operations team able to offer off-site operational support including:

  • Metallurgists and Process Engineers
  • Health, safety, environment, community, and training (HSEC&T) professionals
  • Mechanical Engineers
  • Maintenance and Reliability Engineers
  • Electrical and Controls Engineers
  • Condition Monitoring professionals
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