Contract Operations

With contract operations commencing in 1997, we bring the experience of more than 24 years of process plant contracting experience, including 27 processing plants and materials handling facilities.

These include base metals and coal flotation, complex pumping systems, solid / liquid separation, dewatering, and materials handling systems. This is supported by numerous capital projects incorporating grinding and base metals flotation, some of which included operations start up and support roles.

Most of our operations teams encompass long-term employees (ranging between 5-25 years), our team has the experience from decades of expertise to draw on to ensure the best technical support and results for your operations.  

Commercial models for contract mineral processing operations

Our flexible operations services approach ensures alignment with client and site objectives. Our services can be delivered under a variety of commercial models tailored to suit the needs of our clients.

Through our advanced operations and maintenance strategies, streamlined processes, and lean team structures, we deliver operational excellence. For our clients, this translates into timely and practical responses to site needs, sustainable efficiency, vital performance assurance and reliability, and reduced whole-of-life costs and performance risks. We turn design and construction engineering leadership into operational advantages. This includes our strong equipment vendor relationships and ability to work collaboratively to optimise performance, fast-track support and resolve issues. Our ready-to-go team is known for delivering above and beyond. Our agile approach uses minimal management on site with trade-skilled operator-maintainers, supported by off-site resources as needed. We work smarter and deliver more value via these smaller, highly skilled site teams that are empowered to access our multi-disciplinary, remote engineering capability 24/7. With experienced operators, we can also establish new minerals processing facilities or take over brownfield facilities with minimal ramp-up time. The depth and experience of our people, alongside our strong safety and performance culture, make a genuine difference.

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