Metallurgical assessment and process solution modelling

Our expert team of process engineers supports your resource assessment - from test work design and management, and metallurgical assessment, through to flowsheet design. Our in-house team leverages integrated process modelling to assess, develop, optimise and debottleneck mineral processing plants and related mining operations.

Our technical expertise across major commodities is recognised globally. Our team has developed proven solutions for clients in precious metals (gold and silver); base metals (copper, lead and zinc); bulk materials (metallurgical and thermal coal and iron ore); and industrial and battery minerals. We are also adept at transferring technology applications and processing techniques across commodities.

Ore pre-concentration and process modelling

Integrated mining value chain simulation enables the assessment and optimisation of resource extraction and processing. Our modelling approach enables the integration of ore pre-concentration and mine to mill to optimise the overall project economics. This approach to simulation and optimisation also enables us to model modular and flexible circuits to increase project sustainability and performance. 

Ore pre-concentration and mine-to-mill are both techniques which aim to maximise your asset’s value. Sedgman has leading experts in the field of mine to mill optimisation and ore pre-concentration to enable assessments, reviews and optimisation of these strategies to various commodities. 

We have designed and managed test work programs incorporating the following processes:

  • Process mineralogyand mineral liberation assessment
  • Ore pre-concentration
  • Comminution
  • Physical separation including flotation, gravity, dense medium, magnetic and electromagnetic
  • Hydrometallurgy leaching
  • Tailing dewatering properties
  • Agglomeration
  • Flocculation
  • Filtration
  • Dense media separation
  • Bulk materials handling properties 

We utilise a range of specialist process modelling tools including, LIMN and the IES extraction simulator. Our customised unit process models have been developed using years of practical feedback and industry knowledge databases. 

We work closely with industry leading comminution modelling experts

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