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June 16, 2020
  • Innovation

Continuous remote monitoring of sites

Sedgman’s Solutions and Innovation team have moved their SMART Plant project to the next phase of development by upscaling from a few key pieces of equipment to monitoring all circuits in a newly constructed coal processing plant.

Watch this video showing how Sedgman is developing IIoT minerals processing plant monitoring.

By adding over 100 additional sensors (for mass, density, vibration and temperature measurement) the sensory feedback has essentially doubled that of the identical plant at the same site.

This enhancement enables monitoring of the process in new ways, including continuous monitoring for rotating equipment which is traditionally only checked periodically. All sensory information is stored in a cloud database for rapid interrogation by remote technical experts.




Dashboard showing data from iiot minerals processing plant monitoring
Phase 2 Web App home page concept

Instant benefits

The insights gained from the additional plant information will be used to develop models for unit processes and equipment, and in future used to develop a digital twin of the plant for complex simulations.

Where the “Live status” dashboards developed in phase 1 gave a quick indication of the current status of the plant, anytime, anywhere, on any internet enabled device, phase 2 aims to evolve the system to be an “active” condition monitoring system rather than just a “passive” dashboard.

The SMART Plant provides solutions that optimise Sedgman’s minerals processing operations and will enable new business opportunities through application of the technology.

Future developments

The next step is for Sedgman to develop a web application to monitor trends and alert technical experts of abnormal plant operating conditions. This condition monitoring application will assist remote operations support engineers in detecting adverse equipment or process conditions, preventing extended periods of process inefficiency or premature equipment failure.
This web application was later developed into SEDGMETRIX


Many such systems already exist, but come with an extensive capital outlay, development time and ongoing license costs. Sedgman opted to develop the system in-house to avert some of the associated costs while also advancing Sedgman’s service offerings and intellectual property.

Smarts for success

Sedgman’s development of this SMART Plant technology has been underpinned by the support of Nexplore, a partnership of the CIMIC, Hochtief and ACS Groups, established to drive digital transformation. Through Nexplore CIMIC has a pathway to systematically realise the opportunities offered by new and emerging technologies, working as a digital transformation incubator and accelerator.

This phase of the SMART plant is planned for completion at the end of 2020, with further development of the system to follow for broader application in mining and construction activities.

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Man looking at computer showing remote monitoring using iiot minerals processing plant monitoring
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