Innovation in mineral processing

At Sedgman, we have a proud history of innovation in mineral processing. Since 1980, we have advanced the standard of excellence and innovation in design, delivery and operations to deliver tailored solutions for our clients, across base and precious metals, industrial metals and iron ore. From large scale innovations like modular plants and our proprietary SEDGMETRIX remote process monitoring and optimisation platform, to using the latest digital technologies and sensors, we harness the power of our technical experts to improve whole-of-life plant performance and ESG outcomes. It is an approach that is underpinned by CIMIC Group’s investment in innovation, digitisations and digital integration.

Innovation in our DNA

For more than two decades Sedgman has been a world leader in pioneering the use of new technologies and innovating to dramatically improve the performance of processing plants, increase operator access, reduce plant size and energy and water consumption, and transition equipment to new commodities.

In the 1990s we were first adopters of innovations including multislope screens and the Jameson flotation cells, an alternative technology that greatly reduced the footprint and the energy consumption required to float materials efficiently. Around 2009, we used reflux classifiers in alternate commodities including manganese and minerals sands.

Since the 1990s we have progressively increased the size of dense medium cyclones, reaching an expansion of approximately 50%, improving both the mineral processing capacity and efficiency outcomes for our clients.

Our process solutions teams are evaluating and working with emerging comminution technologies and pre-concentration solutions to support lower energy and water processing. Our mine-to-mill simulations optimise for net present value and minimised emissions.

We continue to leverage Sedgman’s longstanding three-dimensional (3D) design process to support four-dimensional (4D) planning, digitizing the project delivery strategy across the asset lifecycle. Additionally, we use digital technologies to improve our designs, in areas such as:

  • parametric designs
  • control system simulation models with advanced modelling and machine learning
  • discrete event simulation to model the dynamic and transient conditions of crushing circuits
  • photogrammetric modelling to create a 3D model of a client site using drone and handheld photographic imagery
  • modular plants such as the Byerwen facility, showcased in this video
  • model based construction planning – using the model to embody the construction schedule, with the addition of resource and access planning in the virtual construction environment
  • extending model usage from preassembly planning upstream in the delivery process, to fabrication management, design criteria and prioritisation.

Find out more about our innovations below:


SEDGMETRIX is an internet of things (IoT) ecosystem of tools that can be used to remotely monitor the status and optimise the performance of any operation or asset including renewable energy, mining, mineral processing, oil and gas or supply chain.

SEDGMETRIX is a data source and commodity agnostic platform that adds value to any operation that needs to access/action real-time data to maintain efficient and reliable asset operation. Visibility and foresight on key sustainability metrics is critical in life cycle analysis and meeting ESG requirements.

With 24-hour automated monitoring and rapid detection of abnormal asset performance, SEDMETRIX supports high performing remote sites and connects clients to their operation, providing peace of mind and saving time on manual performance checks. 

Mine of the future

Our vision for a sustainable world includes mining and minerals processing done differently. We are actively engaging with innovative and systems-thinking partners and equipment suppliers to work across traditional scope boundaries to identify solutions that reduce power demand, emissions, tailing volumes, and net water usage. We are excited about the potential for reprocessing tailings waste to extract value and support rehabilitation efforts, as well as engaging with partners to find the net best value solution for all stakeholders.

You can learn more about our vision for the mine of the future here.

Meakin innovation award

Each year we recognise outstanding innovation through the Meakin Technical Innovation Award.

Our ability to discover benchmark solutions and push boundaries in design and technology has established us as a global leader. The Meakin Technical Innovation Award recognises outstanding work to advance the technical knowledge that keeps Sedgman at the forefront of our sector.

CIMIC Group innovation

At Sedgman, and across CIMIC Group our investment in innovation, digitisation and digital integration is equipping us to build and operate better. We are innovating in every lifecycle phase and embracing new methods, materials and technologies to generate value, deliver sustainable solutions and build a legacy for the future.

Across the CIMIC Group our approach to innovation, digitisation and integration is allowing us to:

  • Design, build and operate better: Recognised internationally as a digital engineering leader, we are continually innovating with emerging technologies, visually dynamic platforms, and systems integration.
  • Improve lifecycle performance: Our proprietary new technologies, developed inhouse, are improving delivery and lifecycle performance on our projects and achieving more sustainable outcomes.
  • Develop new solutions: Our cutting-edge research and rigorous development process is generating new ideas, testing prototypes and taking new solutions into implementation to meet current and future requirements.
  • Collabore with partners: We’re working with our clients, universities, and industry bodies to advance research and development and bring better solutions to industry practice.

Find out more about how the CIMIC Group is investing in innovation, digitisation and integration.

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