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Sedgman, a member of CIMIC Group, is a major purchaser of goods and services from suppliers within the resources industry. 

We select our suppliers and sub-contractors based on performance, relevant experience, commitment to customer service, competitive pricing and sharing a commitment to work to a code of conduct in line with our shared CIMIC Group Principles of Integrity, Accountability, Innovation and Delivery, all underpinned by safety.

Read the CIMIC Group Code of Conduct

Terms and conditions

Find our purchase order terms and conditions here.

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Suppliers and sub-contractors with these strengths are integral to our business and are invited to register their interest by providing a capability statement for review to

Supplier Early Payment Program

Supplier Early Payment Program is an innovative solution that optimises your cash flow by allowing you to receive early payment of all approved Sedgman invoices in exchange for a small settlement discount.

Payment is facilitated via our finance partner. It is free to join the program and there are no costs other than the pre-agreed early payment discount. Our solution improves your cash flow and reduces working capital requirements, allowing you to reinvest in your business.

For more information on how our Early Payment Program works, please watch our video and read more below. 

Program Benefits

• Free to join: There are no set-up / administration fees or ongoing charges. The only cost should you choose to be paid early, is a small % of the value of the invoice.

• Easy to join: It’s a quick and simple process, and there is no requirement for you to change your IT systems or change your bank account.

• Early Payment of invoices: Receive payment within 10 business days. Early payment frees up your existing credit lines, ensures consistency in our payments and accelerates certification of payment claims.

• Inexpensive financing: The program is based on the strong credit rating of Sedgman’s parent company (the ASX-listed CIMIC Group Limited) and is therefore less expensive than other financing options you may have access to.

• Non-recourse: the program reduces credit exposure by allowing you to get paid early. Since this is not a loan, it is not classified as a debt, therefore enhancing your balance sheet metrics.

• Increased cash-flow: Early payment of your invoices improves your cash flow and reduces the need for other forms of financing.

• Improved balance sheet: By being paid early you reduce your debtors balance, improve working capital ratios and reduce liquidity risks. A strong balance sheet is helpful for reporting to your stakeholders.

• Hedge currency risk: If you are paid in a currency other than your desired currency, getting paid early allows you to mitigate the impact of exchange rate fluctuations.

To take advantage of our early payment program, please reach out to your usual contact at Sedgman or email

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