Operations and maintenance services

With over 20 years of operations processing experience across a diverse range of commodities, we operate processing facilities to maximise the value of the resource while delivering excellent productivity and cost outcomes. Our operating and maintenance capabilities cover the following areas:


Crushing and screening

  • mobile crushing solutions
  • fixed and semi-fixed modular crushing solutions

Mineral processing

  • base and precious metal concentrator operations
  • coal processing plant operations
  • beneficiation plant operations

Materials handling infrastructure operations

  • conveyors systems
  • reclaimer systems
  • stacking systems
  • stockpile management
  • ROM receival systems
  • train loading systems

Electrical and controls systems support

  • facility commissioning
  • remote monitoring and support
  • onsite monitoring and support
  • fault finding and root cause analysis
  • loop tuning, circuit optimisation, remote support, safety and compliance management

Maintenance and reliability engineering

  • maintenance systems development and optimisation
  • equipment commissioning and quality control
  • equipment performance analysis

Process engineering

  • process modelling and simulation
  • recovery and yield improvement
  • remote and physical process monitoring and support
  • process performance improvement and optimisation
  • process debottlenecking

Condition monitoring

  • diagnosis using vibration analysis, thermography, optical motion analysis, vibrating screen movement analysis and oil analysis technologies
  • early failure mode detection and fault finding 
  • failure analysis and root cause investigation

Lubrication services

  • onsite lubrication services
  • lubrication system design, project setup and management
  • lubrication schedule optimisation
  • lubrication regime development and scheduling

Tailings recovery and reprocessing

  • supplementary flotation capacity solutions
  • flotation scavenging circuits
  • tailings recovery and processing circuits



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