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Sedgman has been delivering services in Asia for many years, beginning in Indonesia and India. Our China experience began in the early 1990s. In partnership with a local engineering firm, we were involved in the delivery of over 30 coal plants. This led to the establishment of our Beijing office in 2008 to focus on servicing coal projects in Asia.

Mongolia has experienced a period of rapid expansion, particularly in coal. We have been at the forefront of that growth, undertaking major contracts in the emerging coking coal region of Tavan Tolgoi in the Gobi Province. As the first company to enter this market through our management of Mongolian Mining Corporations Ukhaa Khudag coal project in the South Gobi desert, our progress has set the standard for future coal handling and preparation plant (CHPP) development in the region. We are delivering the 15 Mt/a CHPP, which will be one of the larger coking coal plants in the world. We also commenced our first international operations contract with the award of the Stage 1 operations management contract at the site (see project profile below).

Our office in the capital Ulaanbaatar was established to enhance our service delivery. We have a Global Procurement Hub operating in Beijing to provide our projects and clients with reliable supply of components and equipment including steel, wear resistance piping and major electrical components.

Our Detailed Drafting Office in Shanghai provides complete detailing, fabrication, quality inspection and control and logistics delivery services and allows us to pass on cost benefits to clients.

Our complete engineering capability in China offers the full suite of services including managing coal quality studies, project concept studies, pre-feasibility studies, bankable feasibility studies, project definition, engineering and design, and project delivery.


Project in Profile: Ukhaa Khudag Coal Mine

Client: Energy Resources LLC (a subsidiary of Mongolian Mining Corporation)
Location: Gobi Province, Mongolia

We worked closely with Energy Resources to deliver Mongolia's first CHPP. Together we overcame diverse challenges in a region where temperatures fall as low as minus 40 degrees Celsius in winter and rise to well over 40 in summer. The 15 Mt/a Ukhaa Khudag CHPP will be one of the larger coking coal mines in the world. The CHPP comprises three processing modules implemented in seperate stages and a single product handling system. The modular design is ideal for multi-phase implementation.
Each stage is a 5 Mt/a coking ROM feed coal, based on a minimum of 6000 operating hours annually. The UHG CHPP produces high quality coking coal to a high ash and moisture specification and the by product is a thermal coal product for power generation. Our highly automated reliable design is suitable for this remote location in the South Gobi desert.
The plant was smoothly transitioned into operations with Energy Resources awarding us the Stage 1 Operations contract, commencing for three years from June 2011. 

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